Garlic Dijon Salmon

It's that time again. Recipe time! I actually made this meal for the first time yesterday, and I got my inspiration here. I got a couple »

My Resolutions

Let me just start this post by saying that I usually am not one for partaking in the New Year's resolutions hype. Here's why I have »

Diet or Healthy Lifestyle?

First off, let me apologize for letting this blog sit for about two months. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the yearly sickness happened, and I got a little »

Brussels Sprouts Recipe

I cooked up some brussels sprouts today, and I had some friends ask me for my recipe! goes... Ingredients Brussels sprouts (of course) Olive »

Why I'm Saying Bye to the Scale...For Now

Picture this You are doing extremely well with your diet, and you went beast mode with your workouts for a whole week. You get on the »